VT 38


The VT 38 is a compact sized and light gasoline fourstroke engine for the intentional use in the middle sized model class of 7,5 kg.
The weight of the moving parts is balanced and optimized; the crankshaft is pivoted with 3 ball bearings: The result is an exceptional smooth run for a large one cylinder engine with a spontaneous speed-up reaction. High torque is available from low engine speed up to maximum of rpm, combined with a reliable idle run.
The VT 38 is easy to start: The electronic Müller-Ignition-system with integrated ignition advance combined with the walbro pump carburettor with a two level choke enables a “fingerfriendly” and spontaneous (cold or warm ) engine start ; an integrated speed limiter prevents damage by over speeding the engine ( max. 9000 rpm.)
By using an integral cylinder construction, the VT 38 is not critical in overheating: This makes the engine suitable for a use with large props and the installation under the cowls of scale models.- The mounting position can be chosen freely, either an upright, a horizontal or a hanging position is suitable. –
As the connecting rod is equipped with needle bearings, a gasoline-oil-mix of 30:1 is adequate.-

The VT 38 is a solid and reliable engine for the daily use, that can successful bear the comparison with a modern two-stroke gas-engine in the items of engine start, power and torque, consumption, weight, size and servicing. –

The plans for a turnable silencer, an optional gear box for larger scale props and a special engine bearer are in process.-

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Specifications: Size: 38 ccm

Valve-steering-system: Camshaft positioned in the crankcase

Carburettor: Walbro - with pump system and choke

Weight: 1600g

Gas: gas-oil mix 30:1

Ignition: electronic 6V Müller-System with ignition advance

Rpm max: 9000

Output: 7100 U/ min with 20x10“ GFK – Prop

Price: 830,00 €

The VT 38 will be available in May 2007 !