Otto’s new four stroke engine

This is the first engine built in series by Nikolaus August Otto since the year 1867; also well known as “Otto´s new four stroke engine”.
The engine was offered in different sizes with an output of two, four, six or eight hp.
I built a model of the eight-hp-version and scaled it 1:10. Though it is rather difficult, finding a compromise between a high detailed and functional model at the same time, I think that I was successful in solving this demand.
On the other hand, the building of this machine requires a high grade of experience from the ambitioned home builder: Practical experience and solid basic knowledge are necessary to avoid a frustrating failure in the realisation of this fastidious project.
For the enthusiasts of stationary engines this machine means something special, not only because the original has nearly disappeared. –
The finished engines are offered painted with the original colours. -

Specifications :

Bore: 22 mm
Stroke: 40 mm
Height: - - mm
Length: 380 mm
Latitude: 160 mm
Diameter of
wheel band: 200 mm

Finished machine, ready for use: 4000,00 €
Building set: - Please ask, if interested! -