Kratmo 10D Repl.

This motor is a 2 stroke diesel engine with 60 cu inch. The original prototype machine was constructed and built by Walter Kratzsch about 75 years ago, who created a whole “engine-family” of several gasoline and diesel types with different engine sizes:
The small-sized diesel engines with .18 // .36 // and .15 cu inches were produced in a very small number of units, because problems with the needed low tolerances of the parts could not be sufficiently solved at that time.
Prototypes engines with the size of .30 // . 45 and .60 cu inches were also built , but never were produced in series.
On the photos you can see a replica of the 60 cu inch prototype diesel engine:
The compression-adjustment is not as usual regulated by a compression-piston positioned in the cylinder-head but by an eccentric beared crankshaft with a regulator-screw outside the crankcase

My replica of the Kratmo 10D diesel Prototype engine…

Price: 380, - €