The Anzani engine

The Anzani „W-engine“, scaled 1:4

The original engine was built in 1909 in the pioneer time of aircraft development: In those days the flight with an airplane was a real dangerous adventure that you hardly can imagine today: The famous flying pioneer Bleriod equipped his plane, his Bleriod IX with this engine and then successfully crossed the channel between France and Great Britain with his rudimentary little airplane, that mainly consisted of wire, wooden and textile parts. – The historic airplane was not just overpowered; the original Anzani engine had about 25 hp at its maximum speed of 1200 rpm! The lubrication was done by waste-oil-principle – so the pilots never had a dry skin in those times. -

The model of this engine is scaled 1:4 to the original size.
Like the most of my engines, it is built up by lavish produced sand-casted-parts. -


Size: 47 ccm
Bore: 25 mm
Stroke: 32 mm
Lubrication: Waste –oil , with oil pump
Ignition: High voltage system
Output: 3200 rpm with 20” x 10” prop.
Price: 2900. - €

You have a large scale model and you think that it won’t be a mistake to have an Anzani engine with a little bit more power and temperament?

Anzani engine with suspensory positiond valves, triplex - carburettor, transistor-ignition system with protected distributor and spark plug connectors

Size: 57,5 ccm
Bore: 28,5 mm
Stroke: 30 mm
Lubrication: Waste –oil , with oil pump
Ignition: High voltage system
Output: 5800 rpm with 22” x 11” prop.

Price: Please ask me, if you are interested