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The crankshaft is worked out from a full material block, smoothed and nitrier-hardened. The output neck has a diameter of 17mm; so it can’t be crooked by unfortunate landing attempts!

The cams and the cogwheel are made by one piece of material; of course hardened and copy-smoothed. -
The valve-seats and the valve-ducts are 2 separate parts made of bronze.
This construction is more lavish comparing to the normally used one-part solution, but it has a decisive advantage: By this way, I can manage to build the valve-ducts in a longer and a more solid shape for a longer life of valves and cylinder-head.

The arbor-bearing-sleeves, made of special casting material, are shrunk into the outer cylinder, to reach an optimal contact for effective cooling.
After that procedure, several “fine“ engine lathe - works follow, to reach the exact diameter for mounting the piston with its rings. On the picture you see a ready- smoothed cylinder.

The pistons are castings produced by using a high grade aluminium alloy...