SV 4


My new SV 4 is a side-valve engine with 4,07 ccm or .25cu inch.

If you look at the specifications listed below, you can recognize the power of this engine comparing it with other four stroke motors of this size.
You can either use this engine conventional with a glow plug and methanol-oil fuelmix or you have the option to order it with ignition equipment, that makes it possible to run it with gas –oil – mix. -

Size: 4,07 ccm or 24,5 cu inch
Bore: 18,00 mm
Stroke: 16,00 mm
Recommended fuel:
Gas: gas unleaded with oil adding Glow plug use: Methanol with 16% castor oil

Output: 8700 rpm with 10“x 7” prop.
Price: Engine SV4 : 420. - €
Ignition: 70. - €