...a finished V42, waiting for action!

Meanwhile, the V42 has established to a classic seller of my engine-program; nevertheless here’s a short description of the main details for interested “newcomers”:
The V42 is a 90° V-two-cylinder-engine with 42 ccm - equivalent to the 250 cu-inch-class.
The engine is constructed with an ignition interval of 360°, to achieve a positive application on the running smoothness and the torque characteristic.-
Comparing with the structure of some more inexpensive engines available on the market, the V42 is equipped with a solid, precised hardened crankshaft with stable connecting rods and bushings . It is placed in a solidly built, torsion-resistant crankcase, kept in its place by nearly indestructible bearings; the pistons are equipped with piston-- and oil-scraper-rings.
Vibrations and pre-programmed “weak-points” are minimized by this way.
The V42 has its own independent lubrication-system, that allows a running with unleaded gas without any necessary oil additives! The only thing to do, is to control the oil level in the crank case from time to time – as you usually do it with the engine of your car. -
This system guaranties a reliable lubrication of all necessary engine-parts - independent from the flight position of the engine while flying stunt figures – the V42 is suitable for aerobatics without any restriction!
The single carburettor guaranties an easy and quick engine-setting with a reliable performance through the whole range of rpm.
The V42 is easy to start: A Tyristor-ignition-system with integrated automatic ignition advance enables a “fingerfriendly” and spontaneous start without any backstrokes of the cold or hot engine.
The ignition advance system harmonizes with the characteristic of the V42: The optimal torque is available from low engine speed up to maximum of rpm. -
This engines convinces with its reliable running combined with a powerful and temperamental scale sound that lets its owner forget the “typical” disconcerting and nerving sound of many model engines, often hidden under plastic-cowls of large scale models. -
The included engine-bearer is specially designed for this engine and enables a precise, secure and simple assembly at the most of fuselage-motor-frames.-

More pices and technicals

Video V 42 ( ca. 15 MB)


Size: 42 ccm or 252 cu inch
Bore: 32,00 mm
Stroke: 26,00 mm
Weight: 2300 g
Gas: gas unleaded
Ignition: Tyristor ignition system with ignition advance
Output: 7400 rpm with 20“x 8” prop.
Price: Engine V42, including ignition-system and engine bearer:
1580,00 €