Ø You’ve tried to drill a hole into the ground with your model - and now your valuable engine is seriously damaged, the crankshaft is crooked?

Ø Your engine doesn’t run properly or it doesn’t start at all - and you don’t know the reason why?

Ø You are annoyed that your engine has muted to an “air pump”, because pistons, rings and valves have reached their limit of abrasion?

Ø You’re stunned when you look at the disintegrated bushings of your motor or you discover the rest of a damaged camshaft without any cams left on it?

Ø You’re owner of a historic engine and you’re looking for spare parts desperately and in vain, because the producer of your engine closed his factory a long time ago?

Ø You would like to rebuild your engine from methanol to gas use with a fitting ignition-system?

Ø You’re looking for someone to realize your plans and special ideas of a prototype engine?

I can recreate a lot of those spare parts, that are no longer available for your special engine; or I replace them by a suitable “new-construction”:
Many supposed engine-“write-offs” can be successfully saved:
So if you own a gas-, methanole- or diesel-engine; a two- or four-stroke motor; a single-cylinder, flat-,V- or radial-engine; a historic or homebuilt model-machine – or - of course –a steam-engine, that doesn’t work:
Call me - or write a mail for information, so I can tell you what kind of possible and payable solutions I can offer to solve the problems of your special engine!

Armin de Vries
Wüstener Str. 26
32105 Bad Salzuflen
Tel.: 049 5222 13461 Fax:049 5222 638275
eMail: modellmotoren1@t-online.de
...a nearly finished crankshaft for a V8-cylinder prototype …
( customer’s order)