VT 1-D

My new little four-stroke diesel engine VT 1-D is a development based on the practical proved construction of its successful predecessor, the VT 0.7-D.-
With its size it is suitable for the use in small models with a weight of 500-800 g.
The compression-adjustment is not as usual regulated by a compression-piston, positioned in the cylinder-head, but by an eccentric beared crankshaft with a fixable regulator-screw outside the crankcase. – This construction allows a very smooth regulation.
The valve steering is done by uncovered pushrods, positioned in the rear side of the cylinder, directly driven by the camshaft which is hidden in the back part of the crankcase.
The new RC – carburettor guaranties a reliable running within a wide range of rpm – not just typical for engines of this small size: Even after long slow-running periods the engine accelerates spontaneously without quitting or spluttering.
Forget the nervy sound of many small engines; the VT 1-D doesn’t need much rpm to turn a rather big prop with power.

Video VT1D


Size: 1 ccm
Bore: 11,5 mm
Stroke: 10 mm

Fuel: Model-diesel-fuel

Output: 2000 - 8500 rpm with 7“ x 5” prop.

Weight: about 125g
Compression-adjustment by eccentric - beared crankshaft.
Price: 380,00 €

Details of the VT 1-D

Video VT1D

Instruction Manual: Four Stroke Diesel VT 1D